Serving those who are forgotten.

Whether due to remote location, economic status or uncontrollable circumstances such as war and violence, our adopted communities have been forgotten. With your help and donations we’re helping them towards a better future.

Thaakat Foundation has adopted 3 global project sites focused on education, sustainable development, and healthcare. 100% of your donations go towards helping people in these communities to see a better future.

Sierra Leone

Healthcare Without Borders

Our mission at this site is to provide free and quality healthcare in the most remote communities of Sierra Leone. Since we started our work here in 2014, we’ve provided outpatient treatment to over 25,000 individuals of all ages and delivered 550 healthy babies. Our work spans 2 healthcare campuses in southern Sierra Leone. We also fund regular malaria insecticide spraying and treatment programs.


Konadu Basic School

Tanobaose, Ghana has seen an influx of people moving into the area. They come to work in the community so that they may support their families. Their children usually do not go to school. Clement “Righteous” Boamah watched this happen, and he had a dream to build a free school that serves children left out of the existing Ghana educational system. Thaakat stepped in on July 1, 2013, and helped him to build a school structure from the ground up.


DREAMS Schools

More than 100 tons of garbage is dumped in the village of Kachra Kundi, Karachi, Pakistan daily, which has caused excessive pollution and disease in the area. Not only are the residents of Kachra Kundi deprived of civic facilities like clean water, shelter, and electricity, but there had previously been zero access to education in this village- making these children oblivious to the outside world.