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Want to Smash Poverty?


Help us construct a state-of-the-art 50-bed medical facility with a focus around ear, nose, and throat (ENT) health and more broadly supporting head and neck departments. The facility will be 4 floors and will offer other specialized medical services in the fields of:
Service Area Our service area covers everything in Karachi from Jam Chakro to the north to outskirts of New Karachi to the south. With a 10 km radium from the hospital, we operate five schools and run several civic and food development programs in partnership with IAK to serve these communities. Cost and Timeline The total cost of the 4 floor hospital will be approximately $600,000. Each floor will cost $140,000. We have already purchased the land and will begin construction promptly in 2023 as soon as we have reached our first funding goal of $200,000.

Want to Smash Poverty?

Water Well

We had set a goal in 2021 to establish 10 solar powered clean water wells. By the end of 2021, we had established 18 total! Each well will cost $2200. Our goal is to raise enough to build 10 this year. See a breakdown of the costs per well below. Please donate the complete $2200 at one time for your well via this page and send us a note at with your name, beneficiary name and any additional information you need us to be aware of.

Want to Smash Poverty?

Emergency Flood Relief

According to the UN’s Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), heavy monsoon rainfall and floods have affected some 2.3 million people in Pakistan since mid-June, destroying at least 95,350 houses and damaging a further 224,100.

Most immediately there is a need to provide food relief. Our team is on the ground in Dadu village, located in Interior Sindh and is surveying the area. Other non profits have already established tents and temporary living shelters until the water recedes.

There is a need to provide at least 1000 food relief packages (at $15 each) containing: Cooking Oil (1 LTR), Flour (10 KG), Rice (3KG), Sugar (1KG), Soaps, Spices, Milk Pack (1 LTR), Salt, Matchsticks, Lentils (2KG), Tea.

Want to Smash Poverty?

Sponsor a Child

Your monthly contribution helps provide the year long support for a well deserving child, including:

  • Books, supplies and facilities for the year General Healthcare and Emergency Medical Aid
  • Weekly visits with students’ families for counseling and encouraging attendance, especially among young girls
  • An investment in ongoing expansion of classrooms
  • Maintenance and operations of newly installed water filtration systems that for the first time in the area, provide fresh, safe water

* You can cancel or change your monthly support at any time
100% of proceeds will go towards these causes.

Want to Smash Poverty?

General Donations

More than 85% of total funding comes from the general public. We don’t have big pockets but we hope to achieve great things and can only do this with your support. As much as we plan ahead, we are always in need of funds. Your donation to our general fund helps to ensure we are covered especially in our most difficult times.

Donations can be designated to a specific project, or they are distributed across project sites in Ghana, Sierra Leone and Pakistan.

100% of proceeds will go towards these causes.